Optitex produces software that allows clothing designers to innovate and stay ahead of the most rapidly changing arena on the planet: the fashion industry. From design to production to the salesroom, Optitex offers the most advanced and efficient solutions available.

Optitex leads this industry through the transition from analog to digital, and will continue to innovate and transform the industry.

With an impressive ongoing history of satisfying clients with household names, like Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s, Optitex needed a website that would appeal to industry giants with discerning taste.

Every fashion designer engages the craft differently and Optitex offers custom tailors software solutions based on the specific needs of each particular designer, allowing some to work from 2D drawings, and others to work from photos.

Questions & Solutions

How to Implement a ‘Journey & Discovery’ Concept to the Website?

Optitex wanted users to experience their website as a journey through which products can be discovered. It was obvious that a simple, “products” section would not suffice. To satisfy Optitex’s need, RTL divided product navigation within the website into three main routes, with each route corresponding to a particular product’s function. The main menu of the website allows users to begin their journey by choosing one of the three routes. As the user traveled further down the chosen route, information becomes increasingly technical, until the user arrives at the product best suited to his or her needs.

How to Tailor Content to Target Audiences? Research-backed Personas.

Optitex’s older website contained information directed at merchandising and production development top managers who, although intuitively seemed to constitute the ‘right market’, tend to be more concerned with budgets, figures and timetables, rather than products offered by Optitex. Research demonstrated that Optitex’s main clients to be different, and based on that research, new personas were created. Based on these new, research-based personas, website content and flow were developed.

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